President       Steve Maki
First V. P.     Ray Brown
Second V. P.  Donna Maki
Secretary       Ed Morrison
Treasurer      Rex Maurer

Nat'l Director Steve Maki
Past Pres.      Don Hanley
& At Large     Dick Hussey
                     Dave Williams
                     Frank Cooley
                     Rita Hardesty
                     Jo Hanley



Organized in 1947 as Lima Men’s Garden Club, meetings were first held in the agriculture agent’s room at the Lima Post Office. The club tottered, then finally gave up, but later re-organized.

Above was in the 1977-1981 minutes book. Meetings were in members’ homes, at Memorial Hall, at the Elks (lodge), churches, and etc. until the 1983 club president, Clyde Stemen, led getting and rehabbing the stone building built by the WPA during the depression and located in Lima’s Faurot Park. It had been a haunted house fundraiser, but—most interesting—the zoo animals (including bears and alligators) that lived in Faurot Park between about 1920—1954 wintered in the two-story stone building.

The City of Lima offered the club free rent, if they could renovate it to be habitable. The building was in very bad shape. But, after many hours of volunteered labor and professional services, the building was first used in November 1985. A large memorial stone is at the clubhouse dedicated to Clyde Stemen. Many others contributed skill, money, and labor as it is still in use today. Other area garden clubs use the building for free, but The Gardeners of Lima maintain the building.

Jean Engstrom was the first woman member in 2000. Jean and her husband Hugh donated start-up funds for scholarships awarded yearly. Lima Men’s Garden Club became The Gardeners of Lima in 2003 to more accurately reflect the entire membership.

Many others have been excellent leaders and worked hard to make a proud history for The Gardeners of Lima. Donations to help preserve this historical building can be sent to treasurer Rex Maurer.

We have been here at Faurot Park for 31 years and don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

The historic stone building, that is The Gardeners of Lima clubhouse, requires on-going maintenance inside and attention of outside landscaping.

The future of The Gardeners of Lima is to encourage gardening and community beautification and to encourage new members to join in our efforts.

We are all learning together and nobody knows everything so please feel free to join us. If you have a pot with dirt you can grow almost anything. If you have a yard you are already a gardener. Parents are encouraged to bring their children. This can widen our programming to teach young people where their food really comes from.

New renovations are complete! New members are needed to help us grow. Let’s get Down (on our knees) and Dirty (planting in the soil) together.


The Gardeners of Lima has approximately 26 members including two lifetime members, Master Gardeners and most of us that try to do our best.

Contributions by The Gardeners of Lima:

1 Scholarships are awarded each year to students in some field related to horticulture.

2 Lima’s downtown square flowers are donated and planted.

3 We plant some of the business planters’ downtown.

4 Lima’s Faurot Park clubhouse area is planted and maintained.

5 We donate to the Master Gardeners, who maintain “The Children’s Garden”.

6 Community gardening project, partnered with the city of Lima, Lima Allen County Neighborhoods In Partnership (LACNIP) to have community gardens grow produce to improve nutrition and to further interest in home gardens.

Events of the Gardeners of Lima:

1 Spring Plant Sale—traditionally the biggest fundraiser. Geraniums are the specialty, but lots of annuals and perennials are available.

2 Beautification Contest—awards to outstanding home landscapes done by the owner.

3 Garden tour— tour of previous year’s beautification contest winners.

4 Halloween Party - sharing a meal together at fall harvest time and costumes.

5 Big Tomatoe contest

6 Gardens are for Sharing—bringing in extra plants to share with others all year long.

7 Poinsettia sales campaign—traditionally the second biggest fundraiser.

8 Awards/Officer Installations/Christmas banquet.

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Keeping the Art of Gardening Alive and Well in the Lima Area